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a Vision for Pottstown
Click on each Scripture Verse below to veiw how we intend to fulfill them, as our ministry plan.
Our Shepherd
Pottstown - the backdrop
God's Promise: rest for the weary
obedience & the dark valley
Now imagine, with me, an urban street the less fortunate part of town.  No one is on the street until night begins to fall, when throngs of people move outside to take some relief from the summer heat.  Numerous drug deals taking place openly - teens traveling in packs looking for trouble and finding it.  Children are everywhere, without an adult conscious of their whereabouts.  The smell of alcohol is in the air mingled with shouts, screams, and a tapestry of profanity that is common and ordinary for Washington & Chestnut Streets in Pottstown, Pennsylvania.
Pottstown is a small-city with large urban problems. It is a microcosm of everything good and bad within any larger city, except without spiritual resources and losing hope. Jesus loves them. He longs to sit in their midst - and teach them. God has been at work in us to establish a Grace Brethren presence in Pottstown. Missy and I are compelled to follow this call.

We have been involved in this location before some 8 years. Now imagine preparing tables of food, soup, drinks, sweets, groceries, etc., setting them out to serve these sheep, to feed them, become part of their lives, and teach them in their own homes - calling them to a life of worship and family; Gods Family.

However, our vision of a Church in Pottstown is not simply for reaching the poor with the message of salvation through our LORD's victory, but also to reach those who are better-off, teaching that they too are in need of this same salvation, and have an awesome responsibility toward their brothers and sisters who have less.

Pottstown has Lost Sheep. Jesus loves them! So, Missy and I have relocated our family, leaving behind the comfort of our Church and friends to be Christ's hands & feet in finding these future family members in Pottstown. We love them too.

We need your prayerful financial support - we need your prayers for our family. We suppose that this will be a poor Church. However, after feeding the multitudes, the disciples brought back 12 baskets - one for each of the workers, and we trust God, that He will take care of us as we enter this - His Harvest field.

We covet your prayers.

May the LORD bless you and keep you,

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