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7:00 PM at St John's Parish House
House to House

At Still Waters, we believe that Church is how we live our lives together, not a building or a place to congregate dutifully.

Love is an interesting state of being.  It is how the world knows that the Father sent the Son.  Its meaning is as high and deep as God himself, and it is not containable. 

Simply reflecting for a moment on couching this unsearchable, vast gift - this beautiful thing that God is, and has given to us; placing it into the realm of duty - a program, and we will surely see how perverse and demeaning the act would be toward God.

Imagine loving your wife, only because to "have too."  How dishonoring - how loveless.  Can you see the loss of the genuine - "real love." 

As the apostle Paul addressed the Corinthians, prompting them on to the genuine, he defined love.  It is hard to read a program into his definition.

As the "called-out; called-together ones" (the Church), we are call to live in community - family - sacrificing for each other - to love each other.

This is Church; life with each other, lived together - learning, worshiping, eating, relaxing, crying, and enjoying each other - because God loves each one of us.  It pleases Him.  It is worship - worshiping God horizontally.

It is our desire to continue to lead Home Church groups within every kind of neighborhood, in and surrounding the Pottstown area, as God provides; moving from house to house in order to shepherd and teach those in each group the proclamation of God's message - the message of His "New Country" - the Country of Heaven, the citizenship of LOVE.
To inquire about Home Churches,
Phone: 610.970.2444  or  Email: Info@besidestillwaters.net
Below is a listing of our current Home Churches.
We will continually add new Home Churches as they develop.

Home Church at the Moyer's
Tuesday Evenings
256 South Hanover Street
Pottstown, Pa 19464
7:00 to 9:00

Click here for directions.

Home Church at 
Bright Hope Community
Thursday Afternoons
Myrtle Street
Pottstown, Pa 19464
1:00 pm to 2:30 pm

Click here for directions.

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